Corporate Groups
Corporate Groups, Team outings are a great way to encourage team bonding and reduce employee stress, while giving them the chance to get to know one another outside of the office.  Giving your team a break from the work environment will boost moral and give them more to look forward too as they enjoy experiences together, create group memories and strengthen their relationships.

Pottery On The Wheel

Break down barriers and level the playing field with this creative, exhilarating opportunity of making pottery on the potter’s wheel.  Your  group is guaranteed to be engaged with enthusiasm. Once they have seen the demonstration, each participant is allowed the chance to work their own magic on the wheel. They will be given multiple attempts if necessary to ensure that everyone makes a pot.  This memorable event is full of laughter and challenges ensuring your group to build stronger, positive relationships.  
Each pot will be dried, fired and glazed for functionality and ready for pick up with in 2 weeks.
Refreshments and snacks may also be brought in with your group.
Call ahead to book your team building event:
3 hours, $45.00/person min. 6 people

Handbuilding and Sculpting With Clay

This method of creating is even paced and relaxing, offering a perfect release for any group that is in a high intensity fast paced work environment.  Sculpting allows time and energy for stimulating conversations and making more connections within your employee group.  A project will be chosen ahead of time and a demonstration will be given in order to guarantee success.  Each participant will be given enough time, clay and assistance to make his or her version of the project. Once the projects are complete your group will leave with a sense of accomplishment and many joy filled group memories that can be shared as time goes on.
Your group is also allowed to bring refreshments and munchies. 
Call ahead to book the event:
3 hours, $45.00/person min. 6 people

Glass Fusing

During this workshop your team members will be shown samples and be given a demonstration of choosing successful color combinations and compositions of glass designs. It is similar to creating your own mosaic  puzzle at a relaxing pace, allowing a break from a high intensity work environment.  Your team will have a sense of calm and enjoyment while creating little scenes and figures with the many tiny glass pieces. Each participant will make 3 glass pendants or a 4” tile using vibrantly colored Transparent, Opaque and Dichroic glass, stringers and fritz. The pendants and tiles will be available to pick up the following Monday with bales attached so they are ready to hang. 
Your group may also bring refreshments and munchies.  
Call ahead to book the event:
2 hours, $45.00/person min. 6 people