Children's Groups and Parties
Children's Handbuilding and Sculpting Parties

$145 for up to 8 children, $12 for each additional child.
Enjoy 2 hours of fun, while you make a work of art
(project is selected ahead of time). The group will beinstructed on
how to make the project and allowedample time to complete it.  Spacefor appetizers and beverages . 
Call ahead to book the event

Teen Pottery on the wheel
Gather together with your friends and enjoy 3 hours of creativity with clay, led by Marlene.  Glaze pre-handmade pieces or make your own.  
Space for appetizers and beverages . 
Call ahead to book the event:
2 hours, $35.00/person min. 6 people

Children's Glass Fusing Parties

Workshop Party with Marlene
Cut and arrange the many colors of Italian glass into your own pendants or 4"tile.  pickup later  with bales attached. 
 Call ahead to book a private group
2 hours, $25.00 (2 pendants)  $35.00 (4" tile) person min. 6 people.

Children's Drawing Parties
Gather your friends and enjoy 2 hours of learning drawing techniques with Paul including geometric shapes, shading,perspective, and cartoons. You will also be guided to create a simple drawing on wood. take it home ready to hang the same day
$160 for up to 8 children, $15 for each additional child.

Children's Painting Parties 
(6 yrs & up)  Learn the basics of watercolor technique and take home a painting to frame.  
160 for up to 8 children, $15 for each additional child.

Children's Magical Fairy House
Build a Magical Fairy House,
(7yrs. and up, unless accompanied by and adult)
$25 each child. Min. 6 children, 2 hour party.
Fairies live deep in the woods and in our flower beds in small structures where gnomes, butterflies and all their magical friends can visit. Sticks, bark, dry grasses, pebbles, shells, feathers, pine cones and nuts are just some of the natural materials that will be used to make a whimsical habitat to place where you know the fairies are fluttering.